Mountains Reach Oceans

It is good to understand where we live – context is a matter of perspective – geographically and metaphorically. Geographically – where I currently live in Calgary the river valleys of the Bow River Basin represent reaches of wilderness streaming through a vibrant growing city.  The basin by definition of … Continue reading


Over the next 30-40 years more and more of us will find ourselves living in cities. Collectively we are the communities of these emerging urban environments. Shaping a place-making vision of the future with grassroots culture is in our genetic code. We are the real energy source of our growing … Continue reading

Creative Communities

Check out to learn more about the strategy. The published Living a Creative Life: An Arts Development Strategy for Calgary report and a refreshed website will be available March 5. Living a Creative Life is an arts development strategy for Calgary, by Calgarians. Those who believe in the vision presented in … Continue reading


FreshwaterXchangeSEAWalk ‘Building Good Connections Growing Great Community Places’ streams into the dynamic fabric and ‘soul of the city.’ The connection is cultural. The context is our environment – built and natural.  This initiative aspires to influence how we see ourselves where we live in community. It anticipates a scene change that plays out in naturally … Continue reading

Grants for Good Ideas

This morning I spoke with Julie Black, Citizen Engagement Associate, with The Calgary Foundation – Soul of the City Neighbour Grants Now Open! Calgarians, do you dream of creating something great for your community? Maybe it’s a community garden, a neighbourhood mural, a local festival, or another creative idea that … Continue reading

Parkdale Community Garden

It was a great pleasure to meet Audrey Smith a few days ago and to hear about the place-making work she and others are undertaking in Calgary’s Parkdale Community. Audrey’s summary of the project follows: The (Parkdale Community Garden) project marries a garden with integral gathering spaces in a place … Continue reading